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Empower your website with PlebAI agents by simply copying and pasting the code provided below. Tailor your own AI agent with a specialized knowledge base and seamlessly integrate it into your site.

Experience the functionality firsthand by visiting our demo site, where AlbyGPT showcases its expertise using the Alby website's knowledge base.

Explore the demo Alby site at

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Getting Started

Integrating the chatbox in your website is really easy. Simply add the lines below into the <head> section of any page that you want the chatbox to show up on.

  var plebAiConf = {
    agentKey: "<agent key in hex>",
    chatTitle: "<your title>",
    primaryColor: "<colorcode in hex>",
    secondaryColor: "<colorcode in hex>",
    buttonColor: "<colorcode in hex>"
<script src=""></script>

Adjusting the config object

The first <script> tag in the snippet above is used to pass a configuration object to chatbox. It holds the following four properties:

  1. agentKey: The public key of the agent that chatbox will connect to (go to and click on agent to copy the ID).
  2. chatTitle: The title that will be displayed at the top of chatbox.
  3. primaryColor: The primary color of the chatbox component (topbar and submit button background).
  4. secondaryColor: The secondary color of the chatbox component (response background)
  5. buttonColor: ButtonColor to match the home page. optional. defaults to white

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Distributed under the MIT License.