About Us

We build open source Apps to solve real world problems using Bitcoin, Lightning, Nostr and AI


Arun Nedun (starbuilder)

  • Founder, hacker, coder, Full stack Developer
  • Building on lightning from 2020, Nostr from 2022
  • Starbackr, Current App, spool, plebhy

Niklas E (egge)

  • Frontend, Mobile, react and everything in between..!
  • Building on lightning since 2021, Nostr from 2022
  • Contributor to nostr NIPs, nostr-tools
  • Starbackr, Current App, spool, plebhy

Current App

Open source nostr client for iOS and Android. Includes integrated lightning wallet.

Github: https://github.com/starbackr-com/current

website: https://app.getcurrent.io


Open source replacement for Giphy. plebs post gifs with just a post on Nostr

Github: https://github.com/lightning-digital-entertainment/plebhy-web

website: https://plebhy.com


Open source replacement for Reddit & Telegram. Building communities on Nostr. (Currently in development)

Github: https://github.com/lightning-digital-entertainment/groupstr

For questions, Please reach out to plebai@getcurrent.io

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